Made in America

Made in America is hosting Made In America 2020 at the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan for the first weekend of October. Manufacturing Day will be the kick-off of the showcase. There will be brands from apparel to aerospace that are Made in the USA. The first day will be open to purchasing agents, buyers, manufacturers, and media. The second day will be for consumers and all businesses to be a part of the American Made show. This is the exclusive event to showcase your American innovations. Attendees will be excited to see all of the American Made products and machines brought together under one roof.

Whether you’re an exhibitor or attendee, we are all coming together with a common goal: to promote American manufacturing. We will be celebrating manufacturers and makers of Made in USA machines and products for three full days.

Time to Share, Learn and Collaborate with other American Made Brands

This is the place to meet like-minded individuals and companies with similar goals and obstacles! We are highlighting the importance of buying American Made by putting this initiative on a national stage. U.S. manufacturing is the backbone of this nation, and American Made means good jobs, high-quality craftsmanship, and integrity. Share and learn about U.S. manufacturing and what it takes to be able to proudly say ‘Made in the USA’.

Made in America is a niche event to find U.S. suppliers and new ideas for your company. There will be hundreds of companies displayed and thousands of attendees. This will be the best place for you to find your American Made supply chain and get ideas for your innovations.

Not only will you exhibit your Made in USA innovations, but you’ll also be able to take orders and sell products at the showcase. The first two days will be for buyers, purchasing agents, media, and manufacturers to network together and view each other’s innovations. As a whole, the show will be open to consumers and media to see what is Made in America today.

Support Detroit and American Manufacturing

It’s important to invest in cities like Detroit that struggled during the manufacturing decline from 2000-2008. The city is making a comeback as more manufacturers continue to invest in the area and are growing along with the U.S. manufacturing sector. We hope this event will lift up Detroit manufacturing and help put it back on the map.

Contribute Towards the Goal of Making U.S. The #1 Manufacturer in The World

We are currently #2 in manufacturing, trailing slightly behind China. It’s predicted that within the coming years we will be #1 again. Some of the best innovations in the world are still Made in the USA – from SpaceX rockets to Boeing jets. Brands like Authentically American apparel show that even textiles are making a comeback.

The excitement was in the air at last year’s inaugural event in Indianapolis. This year, we are going to Detroit, a city that was once the manufacturing capital of the world. This is a lot more than just a show, this is an American Made mission. We will continually promote the importance of American manufacturing on a national and international level.

Although the show is only once a year, continues year-round to highlight the growing network of Made in USA machines and products. We will include you in an American Made directory that our fans and patriots like to see. This will also help with your Google ranking.