Spotlight: Technifor

Since 1981, Technifor’s ability to mark quickly and sustainably has been recognized and appreciated by the largest industrial groups. A specialist in identification and traceability aiming for excellence, Technifor has a full range of technologies and a strong international organization to meet your needs. A brand within the Gravotech group, Technifor has a global network present in over 100 countries. As a leader in engraving and permanent marking, Gravotech integrates the complexity of your needs into easy-to-use solutions.

Technifor Comprehensive Solutions

Technifor offers comprehensive solutions that integrate direct marking and automatic verification using a camera to track each part throughout its production process until maintenance takes place. These solutions consist of:

  • Marking legible by the naked eye: direct and permanent marking of serial numbers, references, texts, and symbols for clear product identification 
  • Marking readable by a camera: DataMatrix code marking facilitates automatic identification of the part using a camera throughout the production chain and throughout its life cycle.

Innovations by Technifor

The latest innovation to come from Technifor is the Mini-Inline, a laser protection solution that has been tested over many years in a variety of industries, including the highly demanding automobile industry. The Mini-Inline laser shield is a class 1 enclosure that is directly applied to the workpiece, ensuring that the laser beam is completely sealed. Essential safety systems prevent laser emissions if the Mini-Inline is not positioned in a light-tight manner on the workpiece. As a class 1 enclosure, the Mini-Inline allows you to mark your workpiece without the need for a secondary marking station.

The Mini-Inline

The Mini-Inline makes Galvo laser integration highly flexible. Laser-to-workpiece or workpiece-to-laser; both methods can be utilized with no issue. This also makes the application of marking on large, bulky workpieces such as chassis parts possible. Since additional housing and closing devices are no longer needed, the integration of the laser into an existing production line is made simple. An integrated exhaust system keeps the laser lens clean, meaning higher quality marking with less maintenance.

The Technifor Mini-Inline system has all the elements of a laser marking system built into a compact enclosure. The laser marking head has the safety enclosure and fume extraction equipment built into, allowing for the inline and rapid marking of even large parts with a minimal footprint. With this design, the need for large and complex laser enclosures is eliminated. The system is designed to be integrated into automation systems such as robots or linear actuators and can be used with a variety of laser types.

We’ve supplied our laser systems to everything from the automotive industry as well as the medical field to the industrial sector, aerospace companies and more, so you can be confident in knowing we’ll be able to work with your industry and supply a confident innovative solution. Please visit us at Manufacturing in America 2020, booth #111.