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Increase Your F&B ROI with Industrial Controls

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Get the Most Out of Your Food and Beverage Equipment

When investing in food and beverage processing equipment, there is a lot more to consider than one may realize. For example, think about a time that something broke down on you. It’s never the entire machine that fails, but simply one or two parts. When this happens, the part, or parts, causing issues need to be fixed or replaced. Depending on what type of machinery and how old it is, doing this can be extremely expensive and you may even have trouble finding something that’s still compatible.

Having reliable, efficient industrial controls is the key to increasing your food and beverage equipment’s Return on Investment (ROI). When you use Siemens industrial controls, you’ll reap the benefits of preventative maintenance, as well real-time available and compatible products that are able to keep up with the fast-paced industry of food and beverage. Unsure if upgrading your systems is worth it? Siemens controls are guaranteed to make your life easier.

Sirius ACT Profinet

For example, SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET connects push buttons and signaling devices straight to your controller and HMI devices. The faster fault diagnostics and option handling allow clean, uniform data management, and, of course, shorter downtimes.

When it comes to your business, you want your food and beverage processing equipment to be low maintenance, and user friendly. Easy replacement of memory modules without programming knowledge is a huge benefit of using the Sirius ACT Profinet.

Don’t want to take our word for it? Just listen to Chris McAbee, an electrical engineer at Deutsche Beverage, who stated, “we didn’t have the capability of remote access before Siemens PROFINET solutions. We’d set the sensor up at the customer site and, once we left, it would be costly for us to come back and change it. Or, we could walk the customer through how to fix the problem over the phone. But if they got stuck, we’d have to go back in and reprogram, which took up valuable engineering time. If a brewer is experiencing an issue with a system, for example, the emergency valve gap crashes which causes a loss of motor power, and the system sends out an alarm. We get an email or text with a request to look at what happened. We integrate a lot of warnings to help the brewer avoid wasting money. ”

Check out this case study for a more in depth look at how Siemens’ Sirius ACT positively impacted Deutsche Beverage.

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