Siemens digital twin

Advantages of Plant Simulation and Siemens Digital Twin

The much anticipated annual event, Manufacturing in America, is nearly here! On March 20th & 21st, Electro-Matic and Siemens are bringing together over 3,200 manufacturing executives, engineers, and enthusiasts to explore the latest manufacturing technology of all types under Ford Field’s roof.

The rate at which the digital world is evolving can be overwhelming to keep up with. Constantly having to design, build, and start new distribution centers is exciting, but can become extremely time consuming. Especially when you have to keep going back to work out the kinks. As everyone in business knows, time is money. It is essential for the growth of your business that your time is being spent effectively. When utilizing Siemens simulation and digitalization tools, you will successfully be able to reduce development time.

Advantages of Plant Simulation for Picking and Conveyor Systems

Featuring over 100 technical learning seminars, MiA 2019 is bringing the heat this year. Siemens will have a presentation all about how you can benefit from the digitalization of business models. Specifically, through one of the most exciting new industry innovations—the digital twin.

Intrigued? The digital twin is a precise virtual model of a product or production plant. It’s able to combine a vast amount of information and predict obstacles at every stage of your new process. It also provides insight on when or if production can’t be met, how to move assembly processes to speed up production, where your design flaws are, and when manufacturing processes aren’t ideal for the design.

Siemens’ advanced digitalization tools feature MindSphere, a cloud-based, open IoT operating system, with a holistic approach. When you take advantage of our expertise, your company will not only save on costly mistakes, materials, personnel, and time; but gain success through increased efficiency, quality, security, and reduced time to market.

Don’t Miss Out

This year, people that attend Manufacturing in America will see how the digital twin works in real time. It will be discussed in depth what virtual commissioning means for total production, how this technology is currently implemented, and how to optimize implementation in the future.

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