7 Things to Expect from Manufacturing in America 2019

Manufacturing in America includes over 3,200 attendees, 100 technical seminars, 50 vendors and two days, all in Detroit, Michigan, America’s most historic manufacturing stage. The Manufacturing in America (MiA) event on March 20th and 21st, 2019 will bring innovators, leaders, students, and engineers together to explore the latest manufacturing technology of all types, from automotive to aerospace, operations to energy, and everything in between. From interactive technology seminars to the latest full-scale robotic prototypes and much more, there’s a lot to look forward to at MiA. Here’s a few of the things you can expect from MiA this year.

1. Insight From Industry Leaders

The Summit kicks off MiA, where carefully chosen executives and leaders in manufacturing innovation introduce the latest concepts, news and technology in manufacturing. Speakers like Christopher Alan, CEO of Dasher Lawless, will provide insight on where manufacturing technology is going, and where it is now. Attendees will get a glimpse into the future of manufacturing in their own industry and others’ from the biggest decision-makers.  

2. Latest Automation Technology  

The manufacturing industry may be changing faster than any other. Guests at MiA will get a first look into the latest technologies to hit factory floors, as well as those just on the horizon.

“2019 will mark my 5th consecutive year attending and exhibiting at MiA,” said Mark VanHaverbeck, Global Marketing Manager at Fori Automation. Fori Automation specializes in the design, build, and integration of custom automated material handling, assembly, testing, and welding systems. “MiA is a great way to gain visibility on new, emerging technologies and products.”

Digitalization has been a hot topic at MiA in recent years, and the implications of this technology will continue to be discussed. Siemens experts will discuss the digital twin and give engineers a closer look at the programming behind it. Attendees will also see how artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, and IoT is developing in manufacturing. From intelligent sensors to virtual and augmented reality to robotic process automation and much more, cutting-edge technology will be on full display.

3. Newest Products

Alongside emerging technology, attendees will also see what these innovations look like in actual products. More than 50 vendors will showcase their latest products, allowing attendees to see the real-life implications of machines and programs that were once only theoretical.

One such product is the Siemens MindSphere, the innovative cloud-based IoT operating system, as well as the intelligent sensors, programs and connectivity solutions that support it. Through demonstrations, seminars, and hands-on experimentation, MiA attendees will see what this and other products really do, how they work, and what they can offer. 

4. Interactive Exhibits

Seeing how the latest manufacturing innovations work is one thing, but actually using them is another. Many vendors bring interactive exhibits and demonstrations of their products, including full-scale production models. Guests can try virtual reality simulations, augmented reality, cooperative robots and much more.

This year, Fori Automation will be bringing three full-scale production models of their automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for assembly and material handling systems. Attendees will be able to test drive one of the vehicles themselves and see it work in automatic mode, as it would in manufacturing plants across the globe.

“People can actually drive it around and get a feel for how it works in a production plant,” said VanHaverbeck. 

5. Training

MiA not only presents the latest technology, but also gives engineers a chance to work with it and learn about it directly.

“From a business standpoint, MiA includes a full slate of seminars and training opportunities for our engineering team to expand their knowledge” said VanHaverbeck. “The interactive presentations are relevant to the equipment we supply on a daily basis.”

With four learning tracks and nearly 100 technical seminars, engineers in any industry and at any level can gain new skills and knowledge at MiA. Engineers will have the opportunity to learn from industry experts while working with new programs and products directly, so they can be the first to bring cutting-edge technology to their business.

6. Networking

With over 3,000 attendees from different businesses, fields, industries, and even other countries, MiA presents an exceptional networking opportunities. Guests can connect and reconnect with colleagues, partners, new or previous employees, customers and prospective customers. A diverse array of guests attend, with skill-sets and job titles spanning production, purchasing, marketing, engineering, data analysis, journalism, legislation, and more.   

“The event is not only informative from a seminar perspective, but also offers a great networking opportunity to connect and collaborate with other industry leaders,” said VanHaverbeck. “From an exhibitor stand point, many of our current and prospective customers attend the event, so connecting with them all in one place is a great opportunity.”

7. Free to Attend

There is no cost to attend MiA. From entry-level engineers to engineering managers and CEOs, MiA provides something for everyone in the manufacturing industry. Vendors and speakers at the event bring experience from a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, material handling, food and beverage, robotics, and much more.

“MiA is a great, local event right in our backyard,” said VanHaverbeck. “Each and every year offers a fresh opportunity to learn more about the latest offerings not only Siemens, but all of the exhibitors at the event.”

If you are interested in the new and upcoming technology changing manufacturing in your industry, MiA is the best place to learn more. Register at http://attendmia.com/ and visit Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan on March 20th and 21st to see the latest innovations in manufacturing.